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— Le vieux Lille :
Seduced by its flamboyant architecture. The northeast district of Lille, its facades with contemporary colors to leave a lasting memory.

—  great place:
commonly known as by Lille, it was renamed in honor of Charles de Gaulle in 1944. It provides an architectural overview of the XVII th to the XX th century.

—  City Hall and Belfry:
City Hall was inaugurated in 1932 by architect Emile Dubuisson who is inspired by the Flemish tradition. Its belfry is the highest in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, 104 meters high. It is a UNESCO World Heritage

—  The Citadel:
called by Vauban himself the "queen of citadels" it was built by order of Louis XIV, who had just conquered the city, its construction will take place over 3 years from 1667 to 1670.

—  Palace Rihour:
historical monument in 1975 it was built in the fifteenth century by Philip the Good Duke of Burgundy. This is one of the few vestiges Lille of Gothic architecture. On the ground floor the guard room or home to Lille Tourist Office. More information: href=""

—  The Palace of Fine Arts:
houses European painting collections, a Department of Antiquities, the Middle Ages and Renaissance, ceramics of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, French sculptures of the nineteenth century, and plans in relief fortified towns dating back to the XVIII century. href=""

—  The Old Exchange:
built from 1652 to 1653 is undoubtedly the most beautiful monument of the city. Located between the Grand Place and the Theatre Square, it ets composed of 24 identical houses surrounding cloister.

—  The Saint Sauveur station:
17, Boulevard Jean-Baptiste Lebas. An open and free space, living instead of spectator sport, relaxation and fun! href=""


—  The statue of P'tit Quinquin:
To pay tribute to the singer the city of Lille erected a statue is located, Square Dutilleul, along the rue Nationale.   This is by sculptor Eugene Deplechin and was inaugurated on August 17, 1902.

   —  The Chamber of Commerce:
is a building constructed in the early twentieth century to replace the Old Lille Stock Exchange had become too small. It still houses the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Greater Lille and the seat of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry North. - Pas-de-Calais

—  The prefecture:
The prefecture is built of hard limestone from 1865 to 1905. Its location was chosen at the junction of the ancient city of Lille and the new neighborhoods annexed in 1858. There used on this site fortifications (already destroyed in 1865 ). Built on land donated by the city, it faces the Palace of Fine Arts in Lille which will be built twenty years later.
—  The new century:
New Century is a large building complex cylindrical, about thirty meters high, located in 19 place Mendes-France in Lille Centre in Lille area. This site is served by metro station Rihour. href=""
—  La Porte de Gand:
Lille is a door inscribed in the former Spanish speaker built between 1617 and 1621 when the extension of the city. It was classified a historic monument in 1929.
—  The door of Paris
is one of the gates of the ancient walls of the city of Lille. Rebuilt in the late seventeenth century triumphal arch to celebrate the victories of Louis XIV, it is sometimes regarded as a masterpiece of military art. It is a listed building in 1875.
—  The door of Roubaix:
Originally door Reneau then Porte Saint-Maurice, Lille is a door, inscribed in the former Spanish speaker built between 1617 and 1621. Inaugurated in 1625, she was pierced by two side arches and restored in 1875 to leave passing tram. It was classified a historic monument in 1929.
—  Le Palais Rameau:
(1878-1881) is a building designed by the Lille Lille architects Auguste and Henry Contamine MOURCOU. It was classified a historic monument in 2002.
—  The Hospice Gantois:
Founded by Jean de la Cambe said Ghent, Lille and alderman of bourgeois who made his fortune trading in alabaster, Hospice Gantois is located at the intersection of Rue de Paris and Malpart street in the neighborhood Lille Centre Lille. It was declared a historic monument in August 1923 and August 1967.


— Cinemas in Lille :
• UGC Ciné Cité Lille :
• Cinéma Majestic Lille :
• Métropole Lille :

— The Opéra de Lille :
• Opéra de Lille :

— Theaters Lille :
• Le Théâtre du Nord Lille :
• Le théâtre Sébastopol Lille :
• Le théâtre Solferino Lille :
• Le théâtre Massenet Lille :
• Le théâtre des Marionnettes Lille :
• Le Théâtre de la Verrière :
• Le Théâtre Grand Bleu Lille :

— Lille Museums :
• Le Musée d'Histoire Naturelle de Lille :
• Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille :
• Le Musée de l'Hospice comtesse de Lille :
• La Maison natale Charles de Gaulle à Lille :
• LaM à Villeneuve d’Ascq:
• Le musée de la piscine de Roubaix

— The markets :
Make the market in Lille savored before, during and after ...

• Marché des Bois-Blancs Place Saint-Charles Samedi de 9h à 14h.
• Marché du Vieux-Lille Place du Concert Mercredi, vendredi et dimanche de 7h à 14h.
• Marché de Wazemmes Place Nouvelle Aventure Mardi, jeudi et dimanche de 7h à 14h.
• Halle couverte de Wazemmes Place Nouvelle Aventure // Mardi-mercredi-jeudi : 9h à 13h - vendredi-samedi : 9h à 19 h - dimanche et fêtes : 8h à 14h.
• Marché Sébastopol Place Sébastopol (Lille-Centre) Mercredi et samedi de 7h à 14h.
• Marché Saint-Sauveur (Lille-Centre) Entre la rue Gustave Delory et l’avenue Kennedy // Mardi de 7h à 14h.
• Marché du Faubourg de Béthune Avenue Verhaeren (angle rue Frédéric Joliot Curie) // Vendredi de 7h à 14h.
• Marchés de Fives Place Madeleine Caulier Mardi, jeudi et dimanche de 7h à 14h.
• Marché de Lille-Sud Place Edith Cavell Vendredi de 7h à 14h.
• Marché de Moulins Place Déliot Mercredi et samedi de 7h à 14h.
• Marché de Saint-Maurice Pellevoisin Parvis de l’Eglise Notre-Dame de Pellevoisin (Angle rue A. Leroy et rue A. Mourcou) Mercredi de 7h à 14h.
• Marché de Vauban-Esquermes Place Catinat Vendredi de 15h à 19h.
• Marché aux Livres Cour intérieure de la Vieille Bourse (Lille-Centre) // Tous les après-midi du mardi au dimanche.

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